Life is busy. The urge to take action doesn't always wait for normal business hours. I offer convenient online scheduling options for both new and current clients. 

Please note: Although the online scheduler will offer options in 15-minute increments, the following rules apply: In person appointments always start at the top of the hour OR on the half hour. Phone calls can start at either on the hour or either :15, :30, or :45 after the hour. If you request an in-person appointment for a start time that is on the :15 or :45 your appointment time will be adjusted. Please use the drop down menu within the scheduling portal to choose your desired appointment type, in order to see availability. 

new clients

New clients can use the link below to schedule either: 

15-min Complementary Intro Phone call

30-min Orientation Phone Call 

90-minute New Client Individual Intake

2-Hour New Client Couple/Co-Parent Intake 

current clients

Current clients have a wider variety of options, including: 

Phone Calls (15, 30 or 60-minutes)

Virtual Meetings

In-Office Appointments