The Basics of a Coaching/Consulting Experience: 

- Advice & Expertise when you need it

- Motivation & Brainstorming when you are stuck

- Insight, an Action Plan & Accountability


consultation for families

We are all influenced by the important people in our lives. This is particularly true of the members of a family, especially parents and children. Kathleen uses her background and experience in child development and family systems to customize a process that meets the unique needs of your family system. Common situations addressed in family consulting meetings include adjusting to life changes such a new school, the addition of a sibling, or a change in a parent's work schedule.  

marital mediation for couples

The approach of marital mediation differs from marital counseling in several ways:  It is not focused on the past, on diagnoses or understanding behavior. Mediation is present and future-focused dispute resolution. When a couple is unable to settle differences and have unhealthy communication patterns, the relationship suffers. Communication issues are commonly cited as the main reason couples get divorced. Many times, these issues can be identified and resolved in mediation. Marital mediation can succeed when marriage counseling has failed. 


individual coaching

Working with an individual allows for flexibility and depth in a variety of topics. Kathleen utilizes a holistic approach in her work. Topics can vary from session to session, all while providing an avenue to explore and clearly define your goals. We'll use the right questions to help you figure out where you are stuck, and how to support you and hold you accountable while you make changes.